Machine Learning on BigData

Use Machine Learning to get insight from BigData

BI, Data warehouse and analytic tools give insight from historical data.
It answer question - what happened in past? Using what if analysis you can also determine - why it happened? However to know what will happen you need predictive analytic.
Use Data mining / Machine learning to find pattern. This is called training a ML model.
Then use train model to make a prediction.

Definition of Machine Learning

Machine Learning is “Field of study that gives compute the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed” (1959 –Arthur Samuel)

Using Machine Learning (ML)–companies can build can embed predictive analytic applications e.g. house price prediction, weather prediction.

Machine learning need historical data. It is very effective on BigData as traditional BI method does not work. BIgData is dependant on Cloud.
That's how Cloud, BigData and ML goes together. You use cloud to ingest big data and then use ML to make predictive analytic application that generate value and justify investment in BigData and Cloud.

ML when work on BigData on cloud - make data meaningful and cloud intelligent cloud.

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