What is Azure Event Hubs

In IoT (Internet of things) if you need to collect signals/events from devices/sensors - you can use Event Hubs to ingest millions of events per second.

Event hubs can be used to collect data from devices, app, websites.

  • You can log of millions of events per second in near real time.
  • It allow Time based event buffering
  • Event Hubs allow connecting devices with flexible authorization and throttling

What Platform it connects to

Sources that send data can be hetrogeneous.  As Event Hubs use AMPQP and HTTP - it allow integrating it with multiple platforms.

What kind of Volume it can handle

Event Hubs can be used to ingest event from various load type.  You can collect data from Cars, Thermostats, Weather sensor.  Some of these sensor send few signal every few minute and some device and performance counter can send lot of data every second.  Event Hubs can collect data from vaious profiles.

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