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Latest Trend in Cloud Computing

Learn what are latest trend in Cloud computing

How Cloud Computing and Big Data help each other

For traditional data you can choose on premise or Cloud platform.
For Big Data - there are not much option. To be cost effective Cloud platform enable you to kick start your BigData project with no upfront cost
Read how Cloud computing and Big Data help each other.

Gain insight from Big Data

If you can use Cloud Computing to ingest Big Data and able to gain insight from Big Data - your initiative is successful
Understand that Cloud Computing or Big data does not make initiative successful. Success is when you get insight by processing BigData on Cloud.

Use Analytic Tools on Big Data

Learn which analytic tools are right to get insight from Big Data
Traditional data can be analysed by a human being. For Big Data you need different tool that show aggregation, that shows pattern

Use Machine Learning on Big Data in Cloud

Analytic tool help you understand history. What happened in past?
Using Machine Learning you can identify patterns in data , you can make prediction using pattern. That's where most of ROI comes.

Cloud Platform

Azure, AWS or Google Cloud - which one fits your need?
Here learn features of each cloud platform.

Free Cloud

You can try Cloud Platform free. Most of Cloud companies have trial option. For example - You can try Azure free. You get 200$ free
Azure has dreamspark free option for Students
Azure has bizspark free option for Start ups
Everyone can also have 10 free web sites on Azure.

What is IBM Watson

What is Cortana Analytic

What is Azure Machine Learning

What is Amazon Machine Learning

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